Ink Love

A series of ink drawings

Steve the Sloth - on his Coffee Break   
Meeting the Locals
Lizard Masked Pumpkin Guy
A Whale of a Lobster Tail
Strange and Not Really Sure Turkey Bird  
Lion Dog Masked Workout Addict, with Uggs
Circus Act - Bird Masked Clown Riding Uicylce
Very Hairy Beast with Attitude
Owl on a Mission
Raven Inked
Happily Serious Werewolf
Octopus, Crowned King of the Oceans
Wild Crazy Pumpkin Head Guy in a Hole
Scottish Mummy with Bunny Slippers
Bat Cowboy Wearing Spurs
Witch Masked with Fake Nails
Land Shark Wearing Hawaiian Board Shorts
YogiWolfGuy Offering Fish
Iguana Lizard named Iggy, of course
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